ISARIC4C/CO-CIN SAGE paper on hospitalised vaccinated patients during the second UK COVID-19 wave


A short report investigating hospitalised vaccinated patients during the second wave of the UK COVID-19 outbreak using the ISARIC4C / CO-CIN data was submitted to SAGE and has been published as part of the SAGE document publication process on a Friday afternoon.

This is an update of an earlier version of this report that was published in March.  The report has data up to 10 April 2021.  (This is early data and isn’t a peer-reviewed journal publication.)

Journalists dialled in to this press briefing to hear the authors of the report describe the data, and to ask them any questions.


Speakers included:

Prof Calum Semple, Professor in Child Health and Outbreak Medicine, University of Liverpool, and ISARIC co-lead

Dr Annemarie Docherty, Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellow and an Honorary Consultant in Critical Care, University of Edinburgh