expert reaction to latest data from the ONS Infection Survey


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have released the latest data from their COVID-19 Infection Survey.


Prof James Naismith, Director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute, and University of Oxford, said:

“With thousands of deaths a week, I would like to express my sympathy for the families and friends left bereft.

“Today’s ONS survey results are somewhat better news.  The incidence rate has resumed its decline: between 1 in 60 and 1 in 70 people are infected in England, while Scotland has notably lower prevalence of 1 in 115 to 1 in 135.  These still represent very high rates of prevalence.

“The roll out of the vaccine will not yet have impacted upon these figures – the decrease is due to lockdown. However, the incredible progress being made in the vaccine roll out is to be celebrated as this will greatly reduce serious illness and deaths.

“The new variant looks to be responsible for the majority of infections across the UK, and the speed at which it has spread is striking.  I greatly fear for countries that lack the UK’s resources.  The UK support of CoVax deserves praise, as we will only be safe when everyone is safe.  Allowing the virus to rage unchecked anywhere or in any population risks new mutants developing.  We now know how fast such variants can spread.”



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