Complementarity of governance structures for antimicrobial resistance: The Independent Panel for Evidence, The Global Leaders Group and the Partnership Platform


This Information Note provides greater clarity on the
inter-relationships between these three structures. Draft Terms of
Reference (TOR) for the Global Leaders Group have been shared widely.
Feedback has been received from multiple stakeholders including national
governments, private sector, civil society and academia. The final Terms of Reference have been approved by the Executive
Office of the United Nations Secretary-General. Similar global
consultations have been held on the draft TOR for the Independent Panel
on Evidence. Feedback has similarly been received from myriad
stakeholders (available here). Some of the feedback requested further
clarity on how the three governance structures will complement each
other. This Information Note seeks to provide clarity and presents the
key features of the three governance structures with the caveat that a
draft of the Terms of Reference for the Partnership Platform is still
being developed.

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